Aesthetic Restaurants: Ideas, Looks, Images

What do you like to do on days when you either don’t want to eat at home or don’t feel like cooking? The answer that you are most likely to give is that you either order food from a restaurant and sometimes, for a small change in scenery, you actually do get out of your home and go to a restaurant for a nice meal. People also go to restaurants when they have hang out plans with their friends and family. Restaurants are great places to catch up with close ones and a lot of times, birthday dinners and even office lunches happen at restaurants. In today’s age of very advanced technology where most people have very easy access to the internet, as a result of which they use social media more often, it is now so much easier to find new restaurants to eat at, thanks to the many food bloggers who keep uploading their posts. With the help of these food bloggers, many restaurants have seen an uptake in their businesses, and also street food vendors have become pretty popular.

Aesthetic Restaurants

While the food available at a particular restaurant is what usually attracts people, the prices and the whole vibe of the place is also quite important. And when all these get combined, the result is a great experience.

Here is a list of some restaurants in India that are great to your eyes, your pocket and your taste buds as well:

  • Wise Owl: The Coffee Shop is one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Kolkata. The cozy vibes of the cafe, paired with lip-smacking munchies and a delicious coffee menu is the perfect place for coffee lovers to hang out at. The beautiful decor inside the cafe gives off a very relaxing vibe, which is perfect if you go there after a hectic day and just let yourself unwind. They have a huge variety of food items on their menu that you can choose from.
  • If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing cafe where you can spend a nice afternoon and that will also provide you with ample guilt free food items to choose from, then Earth Cafe in Mumbai should definitely be on your list when you visit the city or if you already live there. This cafe has some really pleasing, chill vibes to it because of the nicely decorated interiors and it also offers a wide variety of foods, including dairy free and gluten free foods.


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