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Intro: Gromit Mug Meme

Gromit Mug meme is a mug shaped like Wallace and Gromit’s deuteragonist Gromit. Ironic memes about the mug being a very desirable item gained popularity online in March 2020, and this was boosted further when popular YouTuber Pyrocynical purchased the mug in April 2020.

Origin: Gromit Mug Meme

The mug is officially called as “Aardman Wallace and Gromit Shaped Mug – Gromit,” and it is sold by British online shop Half Moon Bay Shop.

Longvagine, an Instagram user, posted an ironic meme comparing the pros and cons of marriage on January 9th, 2020, naming “have to share the dino mug with wife” as a con (shown below, left). An unknown user posted a meme before March 9th, 2020, in which the dyno mug was replaced with the Gromit mug (shown below, right). On March 9th, 2020, the Facebook meme pages Incoming memes and Imaginary memes with unsanitary themes were the first to repost the photo, garnering over 4,100 responses and 1,700 shares in 8 months, respectively.

Gromit Mug Meme


The image went viral on internet in March 2020, with numerous reposts on Instagram and Reddit. On April 2nd, Redditor Ludwigisnotshort reposted the picture to the subreddit /r/pyrocynical. Pyrocynical, a YouTuber and streamer, posted two photos of himself holding the mug to Instagram on April 14th (shown below, left and right), and the post received more than 182,000 likes.

Just after Pyrocynical’s post, Gromit mug became a meme in the /r/pyrocynical subreddit. On April 14, 2020, Redditor kingboi2134 uploaded the first derivative meme, a deep-fried image with the caption “Gromit Mug Gromit Mug.” Redditor A Big Gay Egg posted a Mods Are Asleep meme on May 21st, 2020, and it received more than 9,500  likes  in 6 months.

Outside of the subreddit, the meme did not become popular until mid-July 2020. Redditor cstrode24 reposted the initial Gromit mug meme on July 3rd, garnering more than 13,100 likes  in 5 months. Iron 170 and ChirpyBird8791 of Reddit posted a fan art and a meme on July 15th that received over 1,200 and 12,300 likes  in /r/pyrocynical in 5 months.

Several memes regarding Gromit Mug were posted in the subreddit over the next few days, with the meme expanding to /r/okbuddyretard via reposts and original content. On July 17th, for instance, Redditor aweirdstranger0104 posted a meme based on Pyrocynical’s Ryko Matoi costume, which received more than 12,900  likes in /r/pyrocynical. More than 4,100 upvotes were given to a same-day repost in /r/okbuddyretard.

Dolan Dark, a meme content creator, published the results of a poll about the mug on his Social media page on July 22nd, and the post received more than 284,000 likes. The meme resurfaced online in late November 2020 after Redditor Fartsniffer234 posted an image of his broken Gromit mug on November 19th.

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