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BIOGRAPHY: Kerri Quinn

Kerri Quinn is quite popular in the United Kingdom. She is a wonderful and a professional actress who is famous for her distinctive and unique acting skills she portrays in her films. Kerri was born in Belfast, United Kingdom. Kerri Quinn was born in the year 1983 which makes her 39 years old as of now. Kerri is a christian by religion.


Kerri Quinn is a lovely looking woman. Kerri has chosen to keep brown hair which really compliments her brown colored eyes. Kerri is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Kerri Quinn weighs around 60 kg approximately. Besides being almost 40 years old, Kerri has maintained her amazing figure.

FAMILY: Kerri Quinn

Not much is known about Kerri Quinn’s family because she has chosen to keep her family a secret and away from public eyes. Although it is known that her father and mother are from the United Kingdom because Kerri was raised there only.

CHILDHOOD: Kerri Quinn

Kerri Quinn spent most of her childhood in Belfast located in the United Kingdom. It is known that Kerri was a class topper and loved maths. But she wanted to do something different in life than others, like acting. Kerri’s passion for acting is still very much alive.


Kerri Quin completed her schooling and her graduation from the United Kingdom. Kerri completed her graduation but she wanted to pursue acting so she started going to film theatres and going for auditions until her hardwork became a success. Kerri is very educated and a literate person.


Kerri Quinn is a very talented and amazing actress. Kerri Quinn is mostly famous for her role in the mini television series known as – “the witcher – blood origin” which was released in 2022 and has 2 episodes only. Besides this Quinn is also famous for her role as Lousie Bryne in Three families and her role as Vicky in Coronation street in 2019. The highest rated Tv series she was a part of was The Frankenstien Chronicles which was released in the year 2015 and has got an imdb rating of more than 7.


Kerri Quinn is active on Instagram and her handle is @KerriQ9. She has over 1.5k followers and has posted over 4 K posts. Her bio says she is a “self taught kitchen witch.” Here she posts pictures of herself and the cats she owns. She follows over 3K people.


Kerri Quinn has worked in a lot of movie and series and still gets fame and recognition besides being almost 40 years old. She has other business investments also. According to our sources, the current net worth of Kerri Quinn in 2023 is around 2 million – 5 million US dollars.


Kerri Quinn loves to do Yoga.

Kerri is a pet lover and has pets in her house.

Kerri is an environment lover and loves to plant tress when she feels like it.

Kerri Quinn is a big foodie.

Kerri loves to eat Japanese and German cuisine to satisfy her hunger.

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