Edna Marshall: Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Edna Marshal at 82 passes away she was known to be the three children who are Kasahara and the other daughter whose name is not unknown. At the age of 82 around 30th march, 2019 was born in the city of New Orleans which is situated in Louisiana. Also, she is known to give birth to a very famous rapper, who is known to be the co-founder of the Migos band and who was born on the 30th of march, 2019. Quavo is known to have new members and the band, became very popular and initiated the polo club, later named the Migos. Also, Quavo’s mother is one of the major motherly figures, which is why he receives huge success.

Quavo: Edna Marshall

Quavo is one of the major popular American rapper artists and is best known as the co-founder and is the front man in various hip-hop groups Migos. Quavo’s uncle is the main fellow member known for forming the group Migos and his nephew and cousin. He is known to be originally called the polo club and is later known for referencing the hub of drugs. Edna is known to be the mother of Quavo. Also, the real name of the Quavo is kirshnik Khari. He was just 28 yrs. old when there was the time of his death.

Kashara Marshall: Career

Quavo’s sister is the Kasahara Marshall and his mother and elder sister. Kasahara is having 3 daughters and has the power of motherhood. Quavo is known to be the sister and the son who was killed and has a famous YouTube channel. Also, she is known to be a famous media personality and who is known to marry the famous son who is known to be killed.

Migos rapper

Migos is one of the most famous in rapper groups and after the decade and that include Quavo whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall and her mother who is known for raising the five children and then the first album which is duo on theoctober 2022. The title of the album is Only built for infinity Links.

Edna Marshall

Edna is known to born in New Orleans and was born around 3rd October 1936. Also, she is known to depart life on March 30, 2019, at the age of 82. Also having one of my beloved daughters who is known to be an active and faithful member for the bible way missionary Baptist church. Edna is known to be active  and also is one of the faithful member for the bibleway church. Edna is known for cherishing the six children. They are Roosevelt Marshall of waterbuy, Gaynell Lowe of Montgomery, Mina Marshall and the aldrin Marshall. Edna is known to be the active member and after that he is survived with three grand children and who are Nirobe Lowe, Theresa Moon, Fortica Marshall and the J’mes Marshall of Waterbury and there are several great grand-children and host of cousins, nephews, relatives & friends. Edna is known for cherishing the children memories.

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