Hebe Beardsall: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

INTRODUCTION: Hebe Beardsall

Hebe Beardsall is a very well known British actress. Hebe was born in London. Hebe is actually her nickname. Hebe Beardsall is known for her role in famous films like Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows and The Witcher. Hebe was born in the year 1983 which makes her 39 years old as of now.


Hebe Beardsall is a very stunning looking woman. She keeps short hair which are brown (light, golden) in color mostly. She is 39 and her height is 5 feet and 6 inches. Hebe weighs around 50 kg approximately. Hebe’s eye color is blue grey and her body measurements are 32-24-30.

FAMILY: Hebe Beardsall

Her father’s name is Jonny and her mother’s name is Ruby. She has one sibling. Not much is known about Hebe Beardsall’s parents. She prefers to keep her family out of media’s attention. Although her parents are most probably from the United Kingdom. We will update you when our sources find any information worth updating.

EARLY LIFE: Hebe Beardsall

Hebe Beardsall has mentioned in an article that she loved fantasy world movies growing up. She grew up in London, United Kingdom. Hebe also loved playing with dolls a child. Aside from this, not much is known about the early life of Hebe Beardsall and we will update you soon when we get any information.

EDUCATION: Hebe Beardsall

Hebe is a very educational and talented girl. Hebe Beardsall completed her schooling and graduation from London, UK. After that Hebe Beardsall decided to join training in The Actor’s class advanced in the year 2019.

CAREER: Hebe Beardsall

Hebe is well known for her astonishing and realistic roles in movies or films. Hebe is the most well known for the role she played in the movie Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 which was a massive hit. Also Hebe is known for her role in The Witcher : Blood Origin in the year 2022. Grace in 2023 and Andor in 2022. Hebe is also acknowledged for her spooky role in the film – Paranormal Investigators in the year 2022.


It is unclear whom Hebe Beardsall was or is dating currently. She keeps her life private and especially her romantic life away from the limelight. Based on how old she is, it is very possible that Hebe might be married to someone but her Husband’s name or any information about her children is not known.


Hebe Beardsall is very active on twitter. Hebe’s twitter handle is @HebeBeardsall. Hebe has over 600 followers on her account. Hebe follows over 1.5 K people.


Hebe is well known for her amazing roles in films and she has gotten a lot of popularity after she played the role in the multi billion dollar movie franchise: Harry Potter ( deathly hallows ). Based on our estimation, her current net worth is around 15 million US dollars.


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